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Organifi Green Juice – Superfood Supplement

LEUVEN, BelgiumApril 2, 2017PRLogOrganifi Green Juice reviews boast about the health benefits of  11 super foods in one delicious drink. Can this elixir really ease stress, boost energy and erase belly fat as the reviews claim?

We have added a new superfood to our health store! We are running a free trial of the Organifi Green Juice, so you can decide for yourself it’s just as delicous as we claim. Come and claim your free trial today on our website or visit our store!

Organifi Green Juice is a healthy drink that contains 11 superfoods, which are dehydrated into powder form. You can mix the powder with water, nut milks, or use it in your smoothies.

There are lots of green drinks on the market to choose from.

No doubt, many of them are healthy for you (IF you can stomach the taste.) In all sorts of ways.

But I’ve never heard of one helping you lose weight, have you?

Enter juice God, Drew Canole.

Drew’s like this patron saint of juicing to millions of friends and followers.

But here’s the thing: Most people don’t juice, even though they know it’s great for them.


The hassle. The cost. The time.

So he created a juice powder product called Organifi. A green drink, that takes away all the things people hate about juicing.

Especially THE ICKY TASTE. (See the P.S. below)

The best part? One of the effects people notice is they start melting fat effortlessly.

No exercising, no dieting, no cardboard-tasting meals.

There’s a reason for the fat loss.

The vegetables and herbs in Drew’s drink address the “hormonal hurricane” that creates the fat in the first place.

For instance, the hormone cortisol.

Did you know when you’re stressed, your body unleashes copious amounts of this hormone?

Why? Because cortisol helps you manage the stress. Unfortunately, too much cortisol flooding your body over time also creates ugly-looking belly fat.

(So if you’re continually stressed and have that “pooch”, now you know why.)

The good news is several organic vegetables in Drew’s green drink address this problem head on and the results, based upon multiple testimonials, are pretty amazing.

There are 2 other fat-generating hormones Drew’s green drink addresses. You can learn about them here…


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