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TeraGanix, a company based out of Texas that is known for its line of high-quality natural products, announced tis Pro EM-1® Probiotic is now available for purchase on StackedNutrition.com, a popular website for health and nutritional products.

TeraGanix is the exclusive marketing partner for Effective Microorganisms® (EM®) products in the United States and Canada. This probiotic is the very first probiotic that contains photosynthetic bacteria to hit the market. It has earned TeraGanix a significant amount of recognition and acclaim. Its availability on StackedNutrition.com makes it more easily accessible to a wider variety of consumers.

“We are pleased to announce that Pro EM-1® Probiotic is now available for purchase on StackedNutrition.com,” said Eric Lancaster, Executive Vice President of TeraGanix. “Many people who care about health and nutrition use StackedNutrition.com as a ‘home base’ of sorts for their nutritional products. We are thrilled to offer the truly unique Pro EM-1® Probiotic to these educated consumers. This is a great chance for us to continue expanding our product’s reach.”

Pro EM-1® Probiotic was the first EM® product developed for human consumption. It contains a blend of three groups of microbes: yeast, lactic acid bacteria and photosynthetic bacteria. When mixed together, the three groups work together and stimulate the growth of other beneficial microbes in your body to provide greater balance to the immune system and a healthier digestive tract. Anyone who suffers from chronic gastrointestinal conditions will benefit greatly from its use. The product is also an effective means of shielding the body against infections, providing extra nutrition and blocking pathogens that can cause imbalances to form.

Pro EM-1® Probiotic is also unique in that it is a fermented probiotic, which allows it to maintain all of the important metabolites, including bio-available vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and co-enzymes. This formula enables Pro EM-1® Probiotic to be more effective than the vast majority of other probiotics available on the market.

“We are pleased to begin this sales partnership, and look forward to reaching out to more people than ever,” said Lancaster.

For more information about TeraGanix and its products, visit http://www.teraganix.com.

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